Increase Site Traffic By Using A Script

Most people are nervous and shy away from using scripts ñ they donít even think of the possibility it might increase Site Traffic. But when you add one to your site that provides an invaluable function your niche needs to access, your niche members will return to visit your site, again and again.

The best way to make use of a script is to provide one that offers them a simple but handy function. Iíll list a few, and it may start to trigger useful ideas for you.

 Domain name finders
 Message boards
 Free eCards

On of my favorite sources for scripts is On it youíll find both PHP and CGI scripts, to suit which your web host prefers.

(One small caution: Do check and ask your web host first! Some web hosting companies donít like you to install your own script. If this is the case, itís better to check in advance ñ and ask them for suggestions to have it set up safely.)

If they are adamant about not installing scripts on your site, youíre not doomed to remain scriptless. If itís a script you know your target market would be really excited about, you can always use a script site willing to host them remotely ñ such as the CGI Resource Index: Remotely Hosted. In fact, they offer some interesting scripts themselves ñ ones such as:

 Static website search
 Real time chat 
 Banner rotation ñ with stats tracking functionality
 27 Website Promotion scripts
 ìRecommend my Siteî script

In many ways, having that script remotely hosted is another bonus for your site. Your visitors enjoy the service ñ but Google Search Bots donít trip and bounce out, because they encounter a script.

Thereís a small monthly fee for most of the scripts (such as $9.95 at the current time of writing, for a fully-functional ìHelp Deskî script) ñ but if your market finds it irresistible, having a script installed on your site might be an traffic-increasing, sales-vamping investment, rather than a risk.

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