Cheap Summer Travel 7 Moneysaving Tips

Cheap Summer Travel: 7 Moneysaving Tips

Are you gearing up to plan your upcoming summer vacation, but are you also on a budget? Do you need to save money? If so, please continue reading on for 7 moneysaving summer travel tips. Watch the price of your summer vacation decrease by implementing these easy steps.

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1 – Plan Ahead

Many new deal seekers mistakenly believe the best discounts are offered at the last minute. Yes, some hotels and airlines do offer last minute travel deals and discounts, but they aren’t guaranteed. You could spend weeks waiting for a discount to arrive, only to never see it. Luckily, hotels, car rental companies, and airlines all offer moneysaving discounts throughout the year. Find one of these discounts. It should be just as good and you will still save money.

2 – Avoid Airlines with Loads of Extra Fees

Airlines have been losing money over the past few years. To compensate for those losses, many not only raised their fares, but increased fees too. Not only compare airlines to find the best ticket prices, but look at additional fees. If you can’t escape these fees, especially baggage fees, familiarize yourself with them and pack carefully to avoid them.

3 – Be Flexible With Your Travel Dates and Time

When planning a vacation on a strict budget, you should experiment with travel dates and times. Did you know it is usually cheaper to fly on Wednesdays than Fridays? It is. For the best deals on hotels and airfare, plan your trip in the beginning or end of summer, not the middle. Hotels are likely to fill up quicker and charge higher rates when business conventions or popular sporting events are happening. Avoid these dates. This is where planning ahead is helpful.

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4 – Look for Freebies from Hotels

When researching hotels, be on the lookout for those that offer additional extras for guests. A hotel with affordable rates and a free breakfast is ideal. Many hotels also have onsite restaurants. See if special deals and discounts are offered for guests.

5 – Use Online Travel Websites

Many travel websites, like, can be found with a standard internet search. You aren’t always guaranteed the lowest prices, but it won’t hurt to look. Many offer discounts on vacation packages, where you book two or three arrangements at once.

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6 – Don’t Rely Solely on Travel Websites

As previously stated, travel websites are nice, but they don’t always offer the best deal. If you only need a hotel or plane tickets, as opposed to a vacation package, your best bet is to go directly to the source. You should find lower rates and special deals listed on the websites of hotels, resorts, car rental companies, and airlines. In fact, compare them. If it is cheaper to go with a travel website and a vacation package, do it. If not, book your travel reservations separately.

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7 – Avoid Spending Money at the Airport

If the cost of flying wasn’t already high enough, you can spend a lot more at the airport. For that reason, proceed with caution. For food, eat before you depart for the airport. Have a large meal and bring dry snacks from home. To keep yourself occupied on the plane, bring books, movies, or magazines from home. Wal-Mart is the best place to buy these items, as they offer discounts. They will cost more at the airport.

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